We Forgive We Forget, But “Conditions Apply”…

Just few days back there was a news stating that our captain (obvious for Indian cricket team), Virat Kohli tried to congratulate Mithali Raj on Facebook on becoming the highest run scorer in ODI format along with a picture of her. It was indeed a good gesture, but unfortunately he added a picture of another player – Punam Raut. And as we all know, it’s Facebook and a user, Sushanth Kadaru caught the mistake first and other users started firing on our beloved captain.

Few years back if I remember correctly, Maria Sharapova said on a press conference that she had no idea about Sachin Tendulkar and most of the Indians went mad as if not knowing Sachin would be the end of the world. On the other hand, Sachin said he was okay with her comment and said it wasn’t “disrespectful”.

What I feel is that, there is nothing wrong with goof up or not knowing any person, as people make mistakes and that’s okay, shit happens. But the way people reacted on both the situations, was erring. When Sharapova made that comment people started hating her as hell and only few defended her. If we ask the same people (jantas), I am sure they still haven’t forgave her and still despise her and will continue to do so. If we see logically and use just a tiny part of our brain, Sharapova not knowing Sachin is considerable, as she is not related to India or cricket. Also cricket is popular neither in USA nor Russia. On the contrary, Kohli not knowing Mithali, uhh seems indigestible, as he is in the same profession/sport, but there were some or many users who were defending Virat Kohli saying its all about respect that matters. Well, he/she is true, we should focus more on the feelings rather than the words. BUT why not always, why are we being selective on focusing on the words or feelings as per our needs, comfort and choice. Also, I think only few people knows about Virat Kohli’s goof up but almost all Indians knows about the press conference.

Also just few weeks back, we were quite sure that India would win the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 against Pakistan, but unfortunately we didn’t and Pakistan won by quite a margin. Just as India lost, we started cheering and celebrating for the Indian Hockey Team as they defeated the Pakistani team. But till the morning or evening we didn’t even knew that the Indian Hockey Team existed.

But heyy, we cannot complain our Indian Men’s Cricket Team, its like our religion, hope and belief. We will hope that we will win the next Champions Trophy by defeating Pakistan, till then we will find other team for cheering. We are okay with the goof up, match fixings, losing few big matches etc. Its just you know, We Forgive We Forget, But Conditions Apply…

Virat Kolhi’s goof up

Sharapova’s Comment


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